Recently, there has been a fashion of using cleansing scrubber, and many beauty lovers around me have started to try them.

Facial skin cleansing scrubbers

There have been polarized voices in the discussion about cleansing scrubbers all the time. Those who think that cleansing scrubbers are effective have brought facial cleansers, which has simply opened a new door for them. They believe that the use of facial cleansers can deeply cleanse the skin.

It also has certain effects on some skin problems such acne and dull skin. Some people even said that the skin became smoother after using the facial cleanser.

There are usally a lot of questions during the use of the facial cleanser, so let me share with you some popular questions and answers.

Daily use Q&A:

What are the cleansing principles of a sonic cleanser?

There are about 300,000 pores on each person's face. Traditional cleansers can only clean the surface of the skin, but cannot clean the oil in the pores.

The sonic cleansing scrubbers mainly use the principle of sonic micro-vibration. The brush head is only as an auxiliary, so that the cleansing product can be fully combined with the dirt on the skin, so as to gently shake out the deep dirt in the pores, without pulling the natural structure of the skin, so as to achieve efficient and non-irritating cleaning and massage.

Is the cleansing scrubber suitable for sensitive skin?

It is not suitable for cleansing products to stay on the sensitive skin for too long, so you can choose a combination of mild cleansing products with cleansing instrument, and use the cleasing scrubber as gentle as possible, and you can get good cleansing effects. Anyhow, it is not suitable to use the facial cleanser when the skin is allergic or inflamed.

Can the cleansing scrubber be used every day?

The vibration of the sonic cleanser has been tested and can be applied to the skin of almost everywhere, so you can use it every day with trust.

Does the micro-shock facial cleanser have to be used with cleasing milk?

Yes, the micro-shock facial cleanser does not rely on "brush" to clean the skin, but to make the facial cleanser work better.Therefore, it is necessary to use cleaning products such as facial cleanser,only water and cleansing scrubbers alone are not enough to remove oily dirt in the face.

It is the best practice to use the cleanser to rub out the foam and spread it evenly on the face, and then use the cleansing scrubber.

Does the skin absorb better after using the facial cleanser?

The skin is thoroughly cleaned, which helps the follow-up penetration of skin care products, but the penetration of the product depends more on the formulation of the product itself. However, a good cleansing scrubber does make subsequent maintenance much easier.

March 30, 2022 — JohnCory