Nowadays, more and more beauty lovers are dedicated to various measures to enhance their elegant appearances. One of them is that they spend a lot of time on hair removal by shaving, waxing, and tweezing to get smooth and soft skins. In their minds, these are perhaps effective methods to make their legs and arms sleek and nice without irritation or razor burn. However, they may get tired of removing hair repeatedly since the new hair on the treatment areas may grow fast after shaving, waxing, tweezing, etc. The most annoying thing is that the ingrown hair emerges. The hair removed at first starts to grow back into the skin instead of rising from it. It can cause red and swollen bumps on the skin that may hurt. 

It is recommended by professionals that using specific shaving cream, a multiple blade razor, gentle body scrubs, or chemical exfoliators when shaving hair and then applying gentle lotion or moisturizer after that can prevent ingrown hair effectively; however, as time goes by, it is obvious and disappointing to see that ingrown hair does appear again!

Why not try something else different? The IPL hair removal handset can help you get the smoothest skin possible.

Will IPL hair removal prevent ingrown hair effectively? Before we dive into this treatment and find the specific answer, let us learn more about using IPL to avoid ingrown hairs. 


What Is an Ingrown Hair?


An ingrown hair is a strand that grows back into the skin rather than growing up and out of the skin's surface after shaving, tweezing, or waxing. It can happen anywhere on the body where the skin is shaved, like beard, legs, armpits, arms, bikini line, and so on. If you don't treat it carefully, it can lead to a raised red bump, a boil-like sore, Itching, burning, stinging, scarring, or even infection. In severe cases, the hair might get inflamed, and you would require minor surgery to remove it properly.

Thankfully, IPL hair removal at home is the best choice to prevent hair from growing back and avoid the risks of ingrown hair effectively, and it will ensure you never get ingrown hair again.


What Is IPL? How Is IPL Different?


Standing for intense pulsed light, IPL is a kind of light treatment that can penetrate the skin to the hair follicle. The hair follicle has more melanin, absorbing the light and converting it into heated energy. The heated hair follicle will enter a dormant state, and then IPL breaks the hair follicle to achieve a hair removal effect.

IPL explicitly targets the follicles themselves and inhibits their ability to grow new hairs, which is different from most common hair removal methods as they only affect the hair by cutting or pulling it out of the skin and do nothing to prevent new hair from growing back.


Does IPL Hair Removal Cause Ingrown Hairs?


 The answer is No!

IPL hair removal destroys the follicle at the root of the hair and stops the hair from growing back. It effectively removes hair from the body and avoids ingrown hair altogether. It will prevent hair removal ingrown from happening entirely and permanently. Honestly, other hair removal methods might actually make ingrown hairs worse, while IPL hair removal can make them vanish quickly. 

If you’re searching for ultimate permanent IPL hair removal treatments, you can have a look at the IPL hair removal handset. It adopts the most advanced and medical-grade IPL technology, which provides laser-quality results at home instead of going to beauty salons. You can remove unwanted hair effectively and comfortably, from any part of your body, like your face, bikinis, underarms, legs, and so on. After just 3 uses per week, you will see a visible result; please continue to use it within 4-5 weeks, and you will see a permanent result. Thanks to the IPL hair removal handset, you will never have to worry about the discomfort and infection of ingrown hair ever again.


Can I Do IPL Hair Removal at Home?


Yes, you can.

IPL hair removal handset is lightweight, portable, and well-made.

Unlike other traditional hair removal methods, it is painless, effective, and fast! You can use it at home comfortably and easily while watching TV or listening to music with a mask on your face. From now on, you can enjoy the wonderful pain-free hair removal experience at home with this IPL hair removal handset. Moreover, it can also eliminate acne and reduce wrinkles, which makes your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs forever and get smooth, hair-free skin! Now it’s the time to get started with a better hair removal method, and we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with this IPL hair removal handset!




August 01, 2022 — Kathy Young