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How did it begin?

The story began from one summer in Los Angeles, California, it was a very hot and frustrating day. I planned to put on my beautiful dress and went to Hermosa Beach for a holiday tomorrow after 5-day’s exhausting work (Negotiated prices with different factories, drafted various contracts, and attended endless meetings), thus I needed to remove hair first. I tried to find an affordable beauty salon; however, it was extremely costly and took a very long time…

Can I just remove hair at home by a cheap and quick way?

I thought about this question many times through all day and night. For these girls who spent a lot of times on jobs or housework, if they could remove hair at home any time, that would bring a lot of convenience and save much more times. Why not?

Can I buy IPL laser hair removal handset online?

I have searched online for various hair removal methods, like shaving and waxing, however, it was difficult to choose from prices, types, locations, brands, functions and so on. Richard, one of my best friends, A great engineer, told me that IPL has been verified safe and effective. What a surprise! We then started to design the IPL hair removal handset together. We tried our best to develop the online market and brought this best-selling product to people all over the world. Therefore, CetAmour was born.
We are committed to bringing delicate appearances to more and more beauty lovers, thus, we have created a series of innovative products. Such as, a portable and powerful hair dryer to avoid the trouble of blowing hair. We should spend our time and money on the things that really matter.

Why do you choose our product in cetamour?

CetAmour shop offers premium IPL Hair Removal Handsets and hair dryers with low prices, fast shipping, perfect packing and excellent customer service. We already have our own factory locally and we tested all the items before packing to guarantee they 100% perform well. To be honest, there is no worry about its quality. Moreover, we have the warehouses throughout the world. You will get it within 2-4 days by the fastest shipping after payment if there is no delay. However, in case you have any questions about our items, please feel free to contact us via email. We are happy to help you any time, as we always put our customers in the first place.

Are you willing to become more beautiful and gain a more fabulous experience?

Please just don’t hesitate to join us. CetAmour is your best choice. We're proud to serve more than 100,000 satisfying customers in the world during the past 4 years, and we will continue to bring our products and service to more and more people. Your support and suggestion are our permanent motivation for our company. Welcome to our store any time.